Q: Do I stay at Splodge 'n' Splat Messy Play sessions with my child/ren?

Yes, you must remain with your child/ren for the duration of the session.  Your child/ren will be your responsibility at all times while they are attending.

Q: How long do the sessions last?

Each session runs for one hour.  This includes 50 minutes play for the children, with a 10 minute 'clean up time' at the end, to make sure your little one is ready to face the outside world once more! 

Q: What should I bring to the session?

A change of clothes for each child, a towel and wipes.  A plastic carrier bag is useful for wet/messy clothes.  Please ensure you dress both your child/ren and yourself in clothing that you don't mind getting marked or stained.  Splodge 'n' Splat Messy Play accepts no responsibility for personal belongings at the session.

Q: How do I know if my child will like messy play?

The only way to find out is to come and try a session!  A social environment can encourage even the most shy child to join in.  

Q: Will your activities at the sessions always be the same?

Activities at the sessions will be rotated around a central core of favourites, with new ideas added all the time, so there should be a variation each time you attend.

Q: I'd like to take photos of my child at the session - can I do this?

You are more than welcome to photograph your child at the sessions.  However, please be aware of other parents' wishes - they may not want their child to appear in photographs.  Do always check with parents first.

Q: I need to cancel my booking - will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, because of costs to us for hiring the venue, materials and set up time, refunds for cancellation are not possible.  If a session is postponed by Splodge 'n' Splat Messy Play, due to unforeseen circumstances, a replacement session will be offered. Where this is not possible, refunds will be given.

Terms & Conditions

  • Children must attend the session with a responsible adult.  A maximum of two adults can attend with a single child. During the session, your child/ren must remain under your supervision at all times.  If you are a lone parent/carer at the session and you have to leave the room, you must take your child/ren with you. 

  • Due to the nature of the activities taking place, surfaces will become slippery.  Children should take part in bare feet.

  • Splodge ‘n’ Splat accept no responsibility for personal belongings that may become stained/marked during the sessions.  Children must remain clothed at all times.  We recommend full body vests for babies and old shorts/tshirt, pyjamas or similar for older children.

  • Materials used are listed on each activity.  All allergies/intolerances must be declared at the time of booking.  Children must be supervised while partaking in the activities.

  • Payment is non-refundable, due to the cost of hire charges of the venue, materials used and preparation time of activities. 

  • If your child is unwell, please do not attend the session.  Should you be unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Splodge ‘n’ Splat reserve the right to postpone sessions, should circumstances be beyond our control.  However, we will organise replacement sessions, in lieu of the original one.  Where this is not possible, payments will be returned.

  • When attending a session, please sign in on arrival.

  • Splodge ‘n’ Splat will take photographs/video clips during the sessions, for use in marketing and social media.  If you do not give photographic consent, please ensure that this is stated at the time of booking and you make us aware upon your arrival at the session.